Network. Business. Club.

Better business among friends.


A world shaped by entrepreneurial, responsible thinking and action from the "Mittelstand" for social prosperity and stability.


We support each other with know-how, contacts, experience and inspiration. We live our ideas, ideals and values and carry them into the world.

We rely on the power of responsibility for ourselves, our employees and our companies as well as for society as a whole and our planet.

We establish sustainable relationships, know each other well, trust each other and want to know many others just as well.


We are a growing community and a sustainable network of committed, self-reliant, courageous, curious, innovative and future-hungry entrepreneurs who find inspiration as well as sustainable relationships in German Mittelstand e.V. who find and appreciate inspiration, know-how and sustainable relationships. The central topics of our future as well as entrepreneurial action are the focus of our activities.

We are not non-profit in the fiscal sense, but immensely useful in the social sense.

Being a member of our strong network is beneficial, inspiring and helps to move forward - personally and in business.


Our topics are the economically relevant current megatrends urbanization, digitalization, sustainability and climate protection, individualization, connectivity and knowledge culture.

We offer, among other things:

  • Participation as members, supporting members and cooperation partners
  • one-time and regular exchanges
  • personal encounters at events, conferences and network meetings
  • contacts & know-how
  • business initiations
  • support in the development of business models.

Questions? Always gladly.

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