Today, more than ever before, business is done through sustainable networks and the best relationships with the "right" people.

We provide new contacts, establish and maintain friendships and make professional networking fun.

We know specialists for the most diverse challenges, arrange the right contacts and are thus there for each other.


Business networks are not an end in themselves. As a rule, they should help to establish and expand business.

This requires a wide variety of resources, know-how and capital.

Our network helps exactly there.

With specialists, ideas, concepts, tips, experience, knowledge and financing.

We are particularly good at digitalization.


We want our members to know and trust each other. We want to be friends and maybe even something like family.

This requires regular meetings, exchange and dialogue on a business and private level.

That is why we organize club evenings, events, trainings, delegation trips and much more for our network.

The next dates (currently only available in German)

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Be smart and become a member.

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Being a member of a strong network is beneficial, inspiring and helps you move forward - personally and professionally. That's why we establish sustainable relationships, know each other well, trust each other and want to get to know many others just as well.

Do not miss any events and news!

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